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Méthode et plate-forme d'installation de Prisoner Tracker
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Méthode et plate-forme d'installation de Prisoner Tracker

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The prisoner tracker needs to insert a GSM or CDMA card, connect the GPS signal antenna and the mobile phone signal antenna, and connect to the power of the car, and it can work. If the prisoner tracker needs to cut off the oil and power, you can also cut off the oil and power of the host After connecting the control line, these two functions can be realized. So what is the installation method and platform of the prisoner tracker? Let's take a look together next.

The following is a list of contents:

  • How to install prisoner tracker

  • prisoner tracker's positioning platform

How to install prisoner tracker

GPS/GSM/GPRS prisoner tracker, insert China Mobile card, the signal is relatively strong, GPS signal is received when positioning, positioning is relatively accurate (within 20 meters concealed installation), and can be tracked every 30 seconds, so for this kind of prisoner tracker, it is great to monitor cars. However, GPS cannot be located indoors. You may have an experience, that is, if you bring the navigation to your home, you can't locate it. The reason is That GPS signals cannot be received indoors, metals and buildings will shield the GPS signals, so generally speaking, the prisoner tracker cannot be placed under the car, so that GPS signals cannot be received, but the reversing radar at the rear of the car is insured. The bar is made of plastic and does not shield GPS signals, so putting it inside is best for shielding the prisoner tracker car.

prisoner tracker's positioning platform

Many domestic software manufacturers can provide a prisoner tracker positioning platform. Generally, some well-known domestic electronic maps and satellite maps are built into the platform. The prisoner tracker users only need to log in to the platform with the port number and password they provide to realize the remote control of the prisoner tracker and see the location of the prisoner tracker on the platform.

Megastek Technologies Ltd was established in 2002. The company has been committed to the application of GPS positioning systems in the personal and automotive fields to provide customers with positioning solutions. Among them, we have accumulated 18 years of experience in positioning and project implementation. Megastek products have several appearance and utility patents. Our products comply with CE, FCC, RoHS, UL technical standards, and have obtained several related certifications. With years of in-depth research and development work and project implementation, we are at the leading level in GPS, mobile communications, GIS, and network technologies. We are also proud to meet the OEM and ODM design requirements of related industries. Our customers are widely distributed all over the world, working with private individuals and governments. The above is about the installation method of prisoner tracker and related content of the platform. If you are interested in a prisoner tracker, please contact us and we will provide you with relevant equipment. Our website is You are very welcome and look forward to working with you.

Avec de nombreuses années de travaux de R&D approfondis et de mise en œuvre de projets, nous sommes au premier niveau des technologies GPS, de télécommunications mobiles, de SIG et de réseau.



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